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Barbados Bliss Retreat 2019

Immerse yourself in the luxurious tropical paradise of white sand and turquoise waters for a week of self-care and restoration with wellness leaders Carla Beharry and Liz Coucean.
Whether you're a solo traveler, or you come with a friend or partner, you'll leave this retreat with lasting connections as we journey through yoga, mindfulness activities, and self-development workshops in a supportive community setting. Join us for an unforgettable wellness experience where all bodies and beginners are welcome.
Retreat dates: November 2- November 9, 2019.

Your Yoga Guides

Carla Behappy

Carla Behappy

Carla Beharry is a Canadian with Caribbean roots, and has 1000+ hours of training in yoga, breath work, meditation, Thai yoga therapy, and empowerment & communication mentoring.
Carla focuses on the importance of helping individuals to reframe and re-claim their stories and create powerful personal and professional relationships that reflect healthy boundaries, clear communication, and self-worth.
She is the founder of the WOKE Women's Movement and the Stories of Resilience + Challenge in WOKE Women Speaking Events, and facilitates workshops, yoga classes and retreats for diverse communities.
Carla has been travelling to Barbados for 25 years, and spends her time working and living between Canada and the Caribbean, including Barbados, Guyana, Saint Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago, and Belize.
Liz Coucean

Liz Coucean

Liz Coucean is a compassionate yoga teacher and wellness entrepreneur, specializing in mindfulness and movement practices with an emphasis on stress release and resilience.
As a 300+ hour certified yoga instructor with over a decade of yoga practice, Liz leads individuals through rejuvenating classes that inspire students to tune inward and explore how their inner world impacts their outer experience.
Having experienced first hand the effects of stress while juggling single parenthood and a hectic career in film and television, she believes wholeheartedly in the healing benefits of yoga and is passionate about creating inclusive spaces for all levels of experience.
Liz is currently immersed in a 1000+ hour Yoga Therapist Training program pursuing her qualifications to become an IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist, helping individuals facing health challenges use yoga as a holistic tool for healing. She looks forward to sharing what has brought peace and joy into her life and guiding your practice.
Pack for a Purpose

We are a proud member of Pack for a Purpose and supporter of Variety the Children's Charity of Barbados, which is dedicated to improving the lives of children who are mentally, physically or socially disadvantaged. Your trip can make a positive lasting impact on these children and their families; please consider saving a little space in your suitcase for a few supplies for children in need. Click here to learn more.